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If You're Struggling To Stay Motivated, You Need To Watch This

It’s often hard to stay motivated, but right now it’s particularly difficult for a lot of people to keep their focus. On this episode of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu directly answers questions from Moms and Dads, from artists, business owners and recent graduates. He explains how to build and maintain motivation, why boredom can be a tool you use to achieve greatness, how to deal with anxiety, how to balance the needs of your family and your career, and why you need absolute clarity on your goals to be a good leader.

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Motivation comes in waves, so you need to remember what got you excited at first [0:47]

Be honest with yourself about what you really want [3:02]

Tom gives advice to artists trying to survive through the lockdown [6:01]

Boredom kills most people’s dreams, but you can use boredom to achieve greatness [8:31]

Tom discusses meditation, why he meditates, and how it affects him biologically [10:38]

Tom talks about what it really means to be a CEO and how to lead people [15:33]

Tom explains why you need an optimistic, solution-oriented mindset [17:59]

Why you need to have absolute clarity on your goals [20:54]

Why you need to go out and fail, learn from it, and still go all in next time [26:11]

Tom discusses anxiety and how to deal with it [29:15]

How to make the most of the lockdown [30:05]


“You don’t find motivation, you build motivation.” [4:11]

“Greatness is about doing the things that are tragically boring. And that you have to repeat over and over and over to get better at them, in a deliberate way.” [7:01]

“If a win to you is being the greatest Dad and husband of all time, then be the greatest Dad and husband of all time! And if your number two priority is building your business, then it’s in second place. And it’s gonna get what it can get.” [24:54]







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