James Nestor

The Way You Breathe Could be Wreaking Havoc on Your Health

Breathing; A mindless activity we do each and every day without giving any effort, thought, or practice. Perhaps this is the reason why so many of us suffer from poor sleep, lack of energy, weakened immune systems, and slow metabolisms. On this episode of Impact Theory, journalist and author of “Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art” James Nestor joins Tom Bilyeu to discuss why you need to immediately reevaluate your entire approach to breathing. They discuss how the way that you are breathing may be detrimental to your entire life, the power of breathing less, the incredible feats of free divers, the power of breathing through your nose, the health benefits of proper breathing, and how chewing positively transforms your face and airways. 

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Discovery | James reveals the most surprising thing he’s discovered about breathing. [0:19]

Causes | James discusses the root cause of modern breathing problems. [1:49]

Implications | James discusses the negative effects of improper breathing. [2:47]

Science | James discusses the no-bullshit approach he’s taken to his research. [5:11]

Free Diving | James shares the extraordinary breathing feats of free divers. [7:13]

Western Mind | James discusses the bifurcation with the western and eastern mindset. [14:49]

Breathe Less | James reveals the importance of holding your breath and being flexible. [18:53]

Nose Breathing | James discusses the benefits of breathing through the nose. [21:00]

Plugged Nose | James shares a story of plugging his nose and the damage caused. [27:09]

Resurgence | James reveals why the science of breathing is becoming widely accepted. [31:30]

Tummo Breathing | James shares the power of heating yourself up through breathing. [35:23]

Mysteries | James discusses the discoveries still left to be made with breathing science. [41:13]

Health | James shares why breathing should be more of a topic of discussion. [43:56]

Slow Breathing | James shares powerful breathings tips for increasing circulation. [45:26]

Everyday Breathing | James discusses best breathing practices for everyday health. [48:28]

Chewing | James discusses the importance of chewing and it’s incredible benefits. [51:11]

Connect | James shares ways to follow him to learn more and stay connected. [54:09]


“Just breathing equivalent breaths through the nose than through the mouth will increase oxygenation by about 20%.” [22:34]

“Allowing the body to enter a state where it can heal itself, which is what it’s doing every minute of every day, but we need to allow our bodies to do more of that. And that, to me, is really the core of what breathing allows us to do.” [35:13]

“The important thing is to know that to bolster your body’s defenses, to focus on your breathing, can absolutely have a profound affect on your immune function.” [44:53]


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