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From Waitress to Billionaire, How to Achieve Success by Trusting Your Intuition | Jamie Kern Lima

By February 23, 2021 Featured

Intuition, trusting your gut, and following your true self these are the core principles that led todays guest from Dennys waitress to billion dollar success story. On this episode of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu is joined by author, CEO, and one of Forbes America’s Richest Self-Made Women Jamie Kern Lima to discuss such matters and more as they explore the incredible power of listening to your gut, living your truth, and visualizing your successes. They discuss Jamies inspiring story in business, why you need to always trust your gut, the power of intuition and how to develop it, why being authentic is key to success, the benefit of difficulties in life, why you need to be careful of the voices you let speak into your life, why you need to visualize your successes, and much more.

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Business Life | Jamie provides a quick synopsis of her entire business life. [0:15]

Listen to Your Gut | Jamie reveals the power of listening and following your gut. [4:34]

Intuition | Jamie reveals how you can develop and be in tune with your intuition. [12:54]

Living Your Truth | Jamie shares the power of following and staying true to your calling. [22:54]

Power of Difficulties | Jamie reveals how to pull the power out of difficult situations. [33:41]

Adjusting the Volume | Jamie reveals how to adjust the volume on the voices in your life. [41:52]

Visualization | Jamie reveals the incredible benefits of visualizing your successes. [47:30]

Connect | Jamie shares how you can continue to follow her and learn more. [56:10]


When something hard happens, once youre able to process it emotionally, youre left with choices. Do you victim up or do you warrior up? Do you give up or do you level up? The up is up to you. [5:44]

Looking back over time, where did I make mistakes and where did I do things right? And then we refine that muscle of learning Oh, yeah!” — learning to trust ourselves.[22:40]

Who we let speak into our lives and who we turn the volume down on, but still love anyway, is so important because one of our biggest mistakes is turning the volume up on the people just cause we love them, theyre our family, and then all of a sudden thats all the noise we hear and it impacts our whole life.[41:26]


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