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Can We Save Humanity? Jamie Wheal on Saving a Global Culture on the Brink of Collapse | Conversations with Tom

Are you part of the many struggling with finding meaning in the midst of the chaos, disease, falling governments, unspeakable human conditions? What does it even look like to show up your best these days when your heart is heavy and you’re surrounded with so much uncertainty? This episode today takes the plunge and leans off the edge with Jamie Wheal unpacking the depth and complexities he’s addressing in his latest book, Recapture the Rapture. The conversation is heavy and will challenge you to rethink your stance and what leaning into our global community could be for you. Enjoy peak experiences, spark the human initiative in your community and have some compassion for the world around you.


Order Jamie Wheal’s new book, Recapture the Rapture: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08DNT8B9B/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_tkin_p1_i0



Loss of Meaning | A break down of the conflicting directions of major institutions [3:33]

Meaning 1.0 & 2.0 | Jamie breaks down the difference and problem for salvation & inclusion [7:54]

Meta Crisis | Jamie details the complexity of meta crisis and where it intersects [12:06]

Storytelling | Jamie walks through shapes of stories & where we are in our story of humanity [16:16]

Acceleration | Jamie on why rushing to clean the slate is ignorant of history [18:56]

The Drop | Jamie lists problems (the drop) we have to lean into to get to the better side [24:31]

Narrative Problem | Jamie breaks down coming alive vs. staying alive, narrative or reality [28:37]

Rearview Mirror | Jamie summarizes where the U.S. is after war in 1945 through 60s [30:55]

Tribalism | Jamie reveals what unhealthy tribalism is versus healthy that is for community [32:16]

Cults | Jamie exposes history of cults, how some succeed, when it gets too far extreme [36:42]

4 Cult Responses | Jamie explains the 4 feelings and 4 responses to cult leaders [44:44]

Top Down Solutions | The issue being detached from complexity of interconnected problems [53:13]

Global Rage | Jamie on the human initiative and the propensity for collective rage [57:14]

Finding Grace | Significant decisions in history that were against the rage & violence [1:02:44]

Cultural Architect | Escaping doomsday and thriving into the future [1:10:21]

Soul Force | Jamie explains the root of peaceful nonviolence anchored to Civil Rights [1:15:09]

Big 5 | Jamie reveals the big 5 evolutionary drivers, discusses healing and peak states [1:20:15]

Sex & Healing | Jamie explores the power of orgasms, women, its evolutionary nature [1:34:00]

Out of Hand | Jamie shares why people don’t know what they’re doing, forgiving ourselves [1:47:11]

Trickster | Jamie on dissonance between God & Satan, Good & Bad and the unknowing [1:50:51]

Omega Point | Jamie reveals the point where death and rebirth come together [1:58:02]



“There are intersecting, overlapping and reinforcing meta crisis happening right now. And so it’s not just any single thing, and none of the challenges that we’re facing, stop or respect, zip codes or political boundaries” [9:42]


“And so we have to actually be willing to lean into that drop. It’s like skateboarding or snowboarding or anything, like you’re standing on the lip of something steep, you don’t fall back away from it, you actually have to lean into it, to stick the landing.” [17:52]


“…the point isn’t to end the game victorious. The point is to keep playing for as long as possible, with as many people as possible.” [21:39]


“…the narrative challenge,[…] is actually, can we acknowledge that both are true? It’s an incredibly complex quadratic equation. We don’t know how it’s going to turn out, our participation in it plays a big part in how it turns out. So we need to be vigilant and subtle, and adaptive, and responsive, all at once.” [30:28]


“No one beats our collective intelligence.” [57:12]


“grieve globally, […] actually open our hearts to the wound of the world right now, and everyone and everything on it, but thrive locally.” [57:49]


“tribalism is destiny and humanism is optional” [1:02:33]


“we need to get more effective and more deliberate and more inclusive about our access to healing, inspiration and connection.” [1:10:31]


“…when we try and suppress the random and fickle and unknowable nature of existence, right, we tend to create more trauma, we tend to create more heartache, versus just bearing witness in the not knowing of it all.” [1:56:00]


“I wake up in the morning torn between the desire to save the world, or savor it.” [1:58:52]


“…instead of me trying to escape my mundane existence, I’m coming back to it. And I’m coming back to it with fresh eyes and an open heart and gratitude.” [2:04:23]


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