Jarrett Adams

Reinventing from Within

Wrongfully convicted at the age of 17, and sentenced to 28 years in a maximum security prison, Jarrett Adams felt lost on lockdown and ultimately had to fight for the justice he truly deserved. Come meet the attorney, legal advocate, and co-founder of Life After Justice as he opens up to Tom Bilyeu in this inspirational episode of Impact Theory.


“Your focus and your passion will numb you to failure and to pain of striving to get to where you’re trying to go.” —Jarrett Adams



Jarrett describes the desolation and loneliness of being wrongfully convicted. [2:50]

Jarrett talks about the maturation process that brought him closer to his mom. [8:38]

Tom and Jarrett discuss why he chose to pursue law after prison. [10:19]

Jarrett talks about the power of being driven by a passionate focus. [13:31]

Jarrett recalls feeling lost on lockdown and receiving a wakeup call from Pops. [15:31]

Tom and Jarrett discuss how writing letters facilitated his growth. [24:09]

Jarrett reveals how he leveraged his experiences to jumpstart his legal education. [28:13]

Jarrett shares an important lesson he learned in the visiting room. [33:50]

Jarrett reveals a moment when his journey came full circle. [38:09]

Tom and Jarrett dig into the business of imprisonment. [41:12]

Jarrett breaks down why education is the solution to establish change from the inside out. [46:10]

Jarrett talks about how he went from paying his mother back to paying it forward. [50:10]

Jarrett defines the impact that he wants to have on the world. [54:15]



Life After Justice – http://bit.ly/2okfLCO [2:12]

Strickland v. Washington – http://bit.ly/2oJw0up [21:28]

Habeas petition – http://bit.ly/1Ux7wPT [27:17]

Keith Findley – http://bit.ly/2oJoMGE [38:16]

The Innocence Project – http://bit.ly/2oS0IDx [38:19]



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