Jason Mckeown & Michael Breus

These Sleep Experts Explain How to Get the Best Rest

By December 5, 2019 Health Theory

Most people now know that getting good sleep is essential for healing, top performance, and mental health. But there are too many false ideas floating around about sleep. The old advice to just get eight hours of sleep doesn’t work for everyone. On this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, guests Michael Breus (the Sleep Doctor) and Jason McKeown detail exactly how you can sleep more efficiently, understand your own chronotype, and develop a routine for getting ready for the best possible sleep.

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What can we do to be more efficient with our sleep? [1:11]

What are the four stages of sleep, and what’s going on in each stage? [2:54]

Michael explains why sleep consistency is so important [4:31]

Jason asks why the human body needs sleep at all [5:12]

The amount of sleep a person needs is mostly genetic [6:51]

Michael details an experiment everyone can do to find out how much sleep they need [8:02]

Michael tells the story of the client he couldn’t help [9:52]

Most people go through all four chronotypes over their lifetime [12:00]

Michael explains why most people’s chronotype changes as they age [14:08]

Jason describes how the brain recovers during sleep [14:53]

Michael explains why pharmaceutically induced sleep is harmful [17:52]

Jason talks about why it makes sense to treat the brain with electricity [19:15]

Jason explains how he gets ready for sleep [23:49]

Michael describes his exact routine for getting ready for optimal sleep [25:06]

Michael explains why blue light matters and what it does [25:43]

Michael advocates cognitive behavioral therapy to help with sleep [27:!6]

Most people have something else going wrong if they aren’t sleeping [30:34]

Getting poor sleep definitely leads to dementia and chronic illness [31:31]

Tom and Jason discuss finding the exact optimal amount of sleep [32:26]

Jason points out that how harmful it can be to miss even one hour of sleep [38:00]

Michael explains that we are at the mere beginning of learning about sleep [39:03]

Michael details how to use cannabis to help with sleep [40:55]

What one thing should people change to improve their sleep? [43:33]



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