Jason Prall

If You Want to Live a Long-Ass Life, Watch This

By November 12, 2018 Health Theory

Jason Prall, the filmmaker behind The Human Longevity Project, joins Tom in this week’s episode of Health Theory. They discuss the legitimacy behind alternative ways of healing, why there’s no universal solution to health, and the keys to living a long life.

Journey to discovering longevity [0:43] Collecting evidence before trying something new [2:53] Why certain health practices work and others don’t [4:05] Why the same food affects you differently at different times [5:28] Simplification equals longevity [7:55] How the external environment determines your internal state [9:49] Everything you do affects your health [12:57] Meditation as a healing mechanism [15:03] Trauma becomes a part of your genes [17:11] Your past experiences shape you who you are [18:30] Why it’s important to feel pain [22:16] How your body reacts to hormetic stress [25:48] Knowledge vs. Experience [27:45] How to build your passion [28:58] Being too attached can be risky [31:38] Finding meaning in the right things [34:17] Why Gratitude is everything [36:52]

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