Jason Silva

How to Transform Your Brain, Overcome Trauma, and Live in the Moment

Welcome to Impact Theory’s new format, Conversations! In this first episode of Conversations with Tom Bilyeu, Jason Silva visits for an incredible 2-hour, intimate discussion. In this relaxed format, both Tom and Jason feel free to intellectually roam, talking about ideas and realizations that may not be fully formed yet. Listen as they discuss ego and failure, deep values and liberation, beauty and ambition, and even why psychedelic drugs may be the answer to PTSD.


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Show Notes


Tom discusses why he wanted to start a new format [0:00]

Tom talks about how much Jason affected his approach to social media [2:15]

Jason talks about ego and watching someone else shine [3:57]

Jason talks about mirroring, comparing and leaving a constrained world [6:30]

Tom violently disagrees with the idea that it’s enough to impact one person [9:47]

Jason advocates being ok with failure [13:02]

Jason describes “saccharine catharsis” [17:15]

Tom asks Jason to describe a step-by-step process for integrating ideas [20:04]

Tom advocates being obsessed in order to succeed in business [29:51]

Jason discusses mental health, personal crises and excessive self-consciousness [33:38]

Jason talks about becoming enmeshed in your environment [38:53]

Jason discusses humility [42:13]

Tom talks about what really haunts him, that genius might be a young man’s game [43:30]

Jason talks about how the ego becomes calcified [46:21]

“Accepting limitations is liberation” [49:33]

Tom advocates just picking something if you can’t find your passion [51:40]

Jason talks about minimizing future regret [53:05]

Tom talks about the importance of being able to make good snap decisions [56:15]

Jason talks about psychedelic drugs treating PTSD [1:01:40]

Tom and Jason talk about changing the electrical firing patterns of the brain [1:10:16]

Jason explains how he approaches learning [1:13:42]

Jason describes how we miss beauty and wonder [1:19:35]

Tom and Jason discuss debates between Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson [1:23:37]

Tom and Jason discuss storytelling [1:28:39]

Tom discusses emotions and the body [1:35:00]

Jason describes how movie theaters increase people’s reactivity [1:37:25]

Jason talks about how much he enjoys just being able to talk off the cuff [1:41:10]



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