Jay Shetty

Former Monk Reveals How Mindset Matters

Purpose. What drives it, how does one discover it, and what’s it all for? Jay Shetty, purpose coach, former monk, and now best-selling author, is regarded as a world expert on such matters. In this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Jay Shetty answers these questions and many more as he takes us on a journey of discovering one’s own passion, strengths, and purpose. He shares his story of becoming a monk, the lessons he learned on dharma and zen, his equation for discovering purpose with passion, how to recognize and develop your true strengths, and how leaning into service leads to a life of peace and gratitude.


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Jay answers the question, “How close to encapsulating the notion of thinking like a monk can one get?” [1:04]

Jay defines the meaning of dharma and discusses his equation for discovering purpose with passion [2:24]

Passion through compassion; Jay discusses how pain can drive our passions [5:00]

Jay discusses job crafting and the notion, “It’s not part of my job, it’s how I see my job.” [7:59]

Seeking beauty; how to escape the “woe is me” mentality [10:25]

Jay shares how to recognize and develop your strengths; overcoming the ‘monkey mind’ [13:32]

Hard skills and soft skills; Jay discusses the difference and how to approach each one [18:15]

Peace and purpose; Jay discusses what it’s all for [19:28]

Connecting purpose and meaning to strength; Jay shares how monks tap into service [23:08]

The “Mother of Orphans;” Jay shares the inspiring story of Sindhutai Sapkal [25:50]

No longer a monk; Jay shares his story of seeking council and leaving the ashram [28:09]

Re-contextualizing reciprocity; Jay shares his story of service and giving to others [33:48]

Emptying oneself to seek zen; Jay shares the story of the ‘Overflowing Teacup’ [38:22]

Escaping the victim mentality; Jay discusses the pitfalls of not having a positive mindset [41:20]

Sight, scent, and sound; Jay defines the ‘3 S model’ and its importance [46:46]

Training your mind for presence; Building the ‘search for joy’ into your daily routine [54:35]

The power and practicality within Jay’s book, ‘Think Like a Monk’ [57:21]




“It’s not part of my job, it’s how I see my job.” [8:18]


“The one way to know your strengths is to ask yourself, “What do you do that you feel the most confident doing?”” [15:55]


“There’s nothing gained out of feeling sorry for yourself.” [43:48]





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