Jen Cohen

This is the Only Method to Overcome Doubt

By October 2, 2019 Women of Impact

Author of “Strong is the New Skinny,” health and lifestyle consultant Jen Cohen is very used to pursuing unusual opportunities and taking surprising risks. Because, as she is fond of asking, “What’s the worst that can happen?” On this episode of Health Theory with Lisa Bilyeu, Jen Cohen explains why it’s better to be strong, bold and adventurous than merely skinny, talks at length about how to deal with your weaknesses, and describes exactly how to take small, sustainable steps to build confidence and resilience.



Jen explains the slogan, “What’s the worst that can happen?” [2:43]

Jen advocates being bold and being willing to fail [4:18]

Jen explains how to deal with failure and rejection [7:26]

Jen claims that training fitness also means training your mindset [10:56]

Jen describes the pressures women feel to be skinny [12:37]

Jen advocates taking small, sustainable steps to form good habits [14:53]

Lisa and Jen discuss why you need non-negotiables [16:58]

Jen talks about how sometimes your best quality is your worst quality [20:34]

Jen explains how to tell the difference between burnout and just making excuses [21:50]

Jen and Lisa discuss being your own worst critic [23:54]

Jen describes how to get trustworthy feedback [26:18]

Jen shares one of her biggest failures and how she dealt with it [27:10]

Jen and Lisa discuss how to deal with weaknesses and form a great team [32:02]

Jen affirms the value of self-awareness, resilience and being deliberate [36:20]

Jen shares her superpower [37:37] Christchurch







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