Jillian Teta

Intuitive Eating & Tweaking Your Diet For Longevity

By April 25, 2019 Health Theory

This week’s guest on Health Theory is Jillian Teta.  She is an author, a doctor of integrative medicine and the creator of Fix Your Digestion.  In this episode, she talks about how to heal your digestive system, the truth about integrative medicine, and the importance of nutrition.



A grounded way to approach figure competitions [01:44]

How to learn to trust yourself [05:01]

Tips for getting in tune with your body’s signals [06:28]

What it takes to develop a figure competitor physique [09:35]

How Jillian approaches new patients [11:11]

Does digestive distress start in the brain? [12:39]

How to de-stress your gut  [18:40]

Why you should care about blue light [24:50]

The importance of owning your story [27:28]

Why you need to set boundaries [29:32]

How to feed your microbiome [32:58]

What to look for in a probiotic [37:00]

The efficacy of Fecal Microbial Transplants [40:08]

How to boost your digestive fire naturally [42:24]

The most exciting thing coming in the health space [45:47]



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