Jim Kwik

In Times of Fear, Here's How to Focus on What Matters

Is human potential really limitless? Jim Kwik isn’t 100% sure, but he is going to figure out how to push himself and the rest of the world far past wherever most people believe human limits are. On this episode of Conversations with Tom, Jim Kwik and Tom Bilyeu discuss the power of the mind, the true formula for motivation, and the methods anyone can apply to improve and grow. They also delve into a wonderful conversation of their favorite comic book characters, explain why video games can be so helpful, and discuss why you should determine what your dominant question is.

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Tom talks about what power is and how powerful concepts can become trite [1:33]

Jim and Tom discuss it’s better to think of everything as practice and not performance [4:52]

Tom explains his methods of staying calm during video games and why he does it [8:53]

How do you instigate flow? How do you trigger it? [11:42]

Jim shares the story of how he heard the message of responsibility [16:01]

If you change core beliefs it will change all sorts of sub-beliefs [17:45]

Being able to look nakedly at your inadequacies without feeling bad about yourself [20:29]

Tom discusses luck by sharing the story of how he met Lisa [24:27]

Jim and Tom talk about whether beliefs should be true or just useful [28:11]

Are there things you want to get better at but you’re just not willing to put in the work? [31:37]

Tom brings up the fact that the world pushup record seems impossible even to him [33:15]

The most infinite resource on planet earth is human potential [35:01]

Tom discusses disruption in the comic book marketplace [36:37]

Life is the choice between birth and death [41:35]

How do you stay energized and enthusiastic over decades? [44:40]

Jim explains his 3-part formula for motivation [49:30]

Jim talks about the necessity of energy and small, simple steps along with purpose [53:25]

Tom talks about how distractions sap your energy and thus your time [57:39]

Mindset is the set of attitudes and assumptions we have [1:00:49]

How and why do people self-sabotage? [1:01:36]

Jim and Tom discuss Bruce Lee and what they learned from him [1:08:20]

You’ll lose your drive if you’re fueled by other people’s expectations [1:14:54]

Tom talks about Taoism, Star Wars and martial arts [1:18:30]

Jim discusses his mixed feelings towards professional fighting [1:22:26]

A person should be capable of great violence, and then keep it in check [1:25:29]

Predators don’t follow the same conventions that everyone else does [1:27:40]

The only people who will make an impact are those that intelligently break the rules [1:34:45]

Tom and Jim discuss Iron Man, Stan Lee’s favorite character [1:36:21]

We can attach to fictional characters as a template to make change [1:40:42]

What is your dominant question? [1:46:30]

Tom reveals his own dominant question [1:52:55]

The power of our questions determine our focus [1:55:29]

Jim issues a challenge to listeners [2:03:44]



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