Jim Kwik

How To Unlock Genius and Uncover Your Superpower

Jim Kwik is a globally recognized leader in memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning. In his lifetime, he’s sustained two traumatic brain injuries that left him with significant learning disabilities. But despite the obstacles he had to overcome in recovery, he became obsessed with the brain and its superpower-like capabilities. He has now turned his obsession into a revolutionary accelerated learning system that has helped numerous celebrity clients and students in over 150 countries. Jim Kwik sits down with Tom Bilyeu to discuss intriguing insights in hacking the brain in this week’s episode of Impact Theory.

Jim Kwik on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

“What you practice in private you’re rewarded for in public.”
— Jim Kwik



Jim talks about the work ethic and discipline he learned as the son of immigrant parents. [2:44]

Jim shares his private struggle growing up with his brain injury. [5:08]

Jim reveals how his two biggest challenges became his mission. [10:02]

Tom and Jim discuss overcoming fear and his formula for success. [13:50]

Jim addresses the key problems he personally wants to solve surrounding education. [16:31]

Jim describes his point of view regarding a new educational system. [19:57]

Jim talks about acquiring the belief system and values to transcend. [23:44]

Tom and Jim go deep on cultivating and changing beliefs. [27:26]

Jim talks about adopting a new identity and how identity drives behavior. [32:14]

Jim describes the clues that genius leaves behind. [34:48]

Jim explains why learning is a superpower and how superheroes represent hope. [40:18]

Tom and Jim talk about pushing through dark times and developing consistent routines. [44:11]

Jim defines the impact that he wants to have on the world. [49:33]




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