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Supernanny Jo Frost on Raising Kids in Crazy, Challenging Times

The world’s most recognized parenting expert, Jo Frost, has spent years providing real, authentic, unfiltered advice as The Supernanny. Her show has reached millions of parents worldwide, and can still be viewed right now. The first eleven episodes of Supernanny Season 8 can be seen through your cable provider on Video on Demand, and the Lifetime app.

On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, the Supernanny herself, Jo Frost, shares honest, powerful and timely advice with parents struggling with the coronavirus pandemic and its associated lockdowns and quarantines. She explains how to set boundaries, how to talk with your kids about COVID-19, how to deal with anxiety and worry, and how to shift your own energy when it starts moving in an unhealthy direction.



How can parents talk to kids about the coronavirus when no one knows all the answers? [3:46]

Jo advocates the importance of keeping a routine going even during isolation [9:11]

Jo shares on advice on dealing with your kid’s negative influences [10:07]

Jo describes ways to ground your family, and to encourage spiritual calm [13:22]

Why it’s so important to accept your own vulnerability [16:08]

How to deal with a partner who increases the family’s anxiety and worry [17:23]

Right now you are doing as much as you can, and you are doing enough [22:38]

Jo talks about the little rituals that hold families together [27:28]

Jo strongly advocates not making things more complicated than you need to [29:21]

Keep your ego in check, reach out to your partner, and take individual quiet time [32:09]

How to shift your energy when you feel it start to go in the wrong direction [35:10]

How to set effective boundaries [38:45]

Jo describes the methods parents will need when kids start reentering society [42:29]

Jo talks about how to talk with teenagers about staying physically isolated [45:19]

You are not your children’s friend. You are their parent. Your job is to keep them safe. [47:13]

You cannot make your kids happy all the time [49:47]

The Supernanny shares her superpower [51:45]













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