John Assaraf

How to Upgrade Your Mindset in 46 Minutes

John Assaraf is a successful serial entrepreneur with 5 multi-million dollar companies to his name. He is also a New York Times bestselling author, a behavioral & mindset expert. He’s also been interviewed by Larry King, Ellen and Anderson Cooper.

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Why he committed crimes as a youth and how he found a mentor [2:42]

How one man changed John Assaraf’s life in one minute [3:39]

The difference between being interested and committed [4:23]

The power of forgiveness and family [9:38]

Why John Assaraf believes in using “crap boards”, accomplishment boards, vision boards [12:36]

The power of goal setting vs goal achievement & the difference between the law of attraction and the law of GOYA [16:02]

The power of focusing on progress instead of perfection [17:14]

The neurochemistry of goal achievement [20:31]

Why people don’t do what they know they should, and what happens when they do [21:54]

Your ‘story’ defines who you are… and why you need to change it [24:20]

Why self-talk is so critical to your success, happiness and goal achievement [27:38]

Why fear is a “go signal” for John Assaraf [28:55]

Take 6 deep breaths to get the Einstein part of your brain engaged + control the lizard brain [31:14]

Why we are biologically wired to hate change and you need to consciously create habits [38: 47]

The three boards – vision board, accomplish board, crap board [40:39]



Maxwell Maltz [24:49]




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