John Paul DeJoria

The Power of Rejection

John Paul DeJoria is a rare breed of entrepreneur: equal parts gritty resourcefulness and deep compassion, his early days of door to door sales in Los Angeles taught him to welcome rejection as a close friend. It was this mindset that ultimately helped him launch the hugely successful Paul Mitchell hair care line on just a hope and a prayer. Since building the Paul Mitchell empire, he’s since followed it with more hits, including the wildly popular Patron Tequila, all while enjoying extremely low employee turnover rates at his companies. In this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, John Paul DeJoria talks about life lessons that have shaped him, from his hard knock early years to becoming one of the world’s biggest and most respected entrepreneurs.

“Finding something positive in something bad makes you look for solutions.” —John Paul DeJoria



John Paul gives his definition of the American dream. [2:46].

John Paul provides tips to prepare for and overcome rejection. [5:01]

Tom and John Paul discuss not knowing what to do and learning from your mistakes. [12:36]

John Paul talks about leveraging previous work experience as a stepping stone.  [16:23]

John Paul recalls how he built the Paul Mitchell brand. [19:31]

Tom and John Paul discuss the platinum rule and the importance of taking care of people. [22:38]

John Paul shares the importance of loving what you do and getting hired for being yourself. [27:23]

John Paul recalls moments that solidified why philanthropy is baked into everything he touches. [29:25]

John Paul talks about his organization Grow Appalachia and being a change in the world. [33:06]

John Paul shares three lessons that he taught his children in order to be successful. [37:26]

John Paul talks about the powerful impact of being positive. [40:59]

Tom and John Paul discuss finding a niche and building a company in today’s environment. [43:03]

John defines the impact that he wants to have on the world. [42:49]



Horacio Alger Award – [2:11]

Paul Mitchell schools – [24:44]

Good Fortune movie – [35:10]

Josh Tickell – [35:13]

Aubio – [47:38]



Patron Tequila – [1:41]

Variety Boys & Girls Club – [45:50]

Grow Appalachia –  [33:00]




WEBSITE – [1:30]



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