Kai-Fu Lee

How to Live Without Regret

Kai-Fu Lee is a venture capitalist, technology executive, writer, and an artificial intelligence expert. He’s invested in 15 unicorn startups, with 5 startups focused in AI. He’s also one of the most respected educators of entrepreneurs in the world.



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Kai-Fu Lee talks about the pressure to excel in Chinese culture [2:30]

Why Kai-Fu Lee won’t enforce the typical Chinese notion of hard work with his own kids [3:29]

How coming to America was more important than anything else for helping Kai-Fu Lee find his passion [4:38]

What facing cancer taught Kai-Fu Lee and why hard work is not the meaning of life [7:21]

The 9-9-6 “balance” that Chinese companies used to attract top employees [8:05]

What Kai-Fu Lee says he was a good “optimizer” but never put his family first [9:38]

Kai-Fu Lee talks about what accomplishment feels like and how his employees called him Iron Man [11:13]

Why Kai-Fu Lee started to regret working so hard [12:25]

The big wake up call Kai-Fu Lee received from a Taiwanese monk and how it forced him to change his purpose in life [13:51]

Why Kai-Fu Lee now puts family first instead of work [16:48]

How to overcome the inevitable disruption that AI will bring to the world [19:31]

The 2 buckets of jobs that AI won’t be able to do and how they will become more valuable for humans [21:00]

How to combine your passion with AI [23:14]

Why you need to do something you love if you want to become amazing [25:49]

How Kai-Fu Lee approaches learning [26:40]

Why we need to believe we have a soul [27:45]

How we’ve been brainwashed to think the meaning of our life is our work (and what we need to do instead) [31:50]



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