Kellyann Petrucci

How to Overcome Stress, Regain Your Energy and Focus Your Mind

By March 12, 2020 Health Theory

Best known for her wise advocacy of bone broth and collagen, Dr. Kellyann Petrucci focuses her medical practice and her writing on ways to heal the gut, slow aging and reverse inflammation. On this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Kellyann Petrucci describes diets and lifestyle choices for anyone interested in longevity, weight loss or stress reduction. She also shares her own story of overcoming burnout without sacrificing ambition, describes the incredible complexity of gut health, and advocates visualizing your own “television show” where you see yourself in exactly the place you want to be.



What are the lifestyle changes people should make for maximum longevity? [1:01]

The problem with Keto is that people don’t get enough fiber. So how about Keto 2.0? [3:19]

Kellyann advocates ancestral nutrition and learning to read your own body [4:37]

The first principle of a good diet is to eat the highest quality food they can get [7:23]

Kellyann explains how to get a good balance in your diet [9:15]

Kellyann defines what exactly Keto 2.0 is [10:53]

Kellyann explains how much of her stress was caused by her lack of boundaries [13:07]

Kellyann describes the kinds of exercise and meditation she does [16:25]

What are the signs that you are getting burned out and crushed by stress? [17:39]

Kellyann strongly advocates visualizing the personal and business life you want [19:59]

What are the biggest things that most people regret? [23:21]

Not honoring who you really are is destructive to your body [25:37]

Most autoimmune problems start with gut issues [28:17]

Kellyann describes the many ways to use bone broth effectively [30:32]

You have to have foundational beauty or else the cosmetic surgery won’t help [32:45]

What one change can people make that will improve their health the most? [35:00]








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