Ken Honda

The Zen Millionaire’s Secret to Creating Abundance

Best-selling author Ken Honda might not be famous in America yet. But in Japan, he has helped millions of people change their relationships with money for the better. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Ken Honda describes the first steps everyone needs to take to start healing their money wounds, and to transform money from something to be feared into something that brings peace and ease. He also goes into exquisite detail on the tough subject of how to find your gifts, and then how to go about making a living with them.

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The Zen approach is to find satisfaction in what you have instead of seeking more [1:20]

Ken’s first lesson about money was to forget about money [2:20]

Ken gives a surprising definition of what wealth means [5:12]

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it really is powerful [7:04]

People are afraid of money because of “money trauma”, often from parents [8:17]

The first step to taking control of your money narrative is gratitude and appreciation [12:15]

Focus on what you can give, and it what you will attract into your life [15:27]

How do you find your gifts, and how do you polish them into something extraordinary? [21:13]

Ken asks people literally a thousand questions to help them find their gifts [24:18]

Ken describes the way that you can monetize your gifts [26:30]

Ken advocates not comparing yourself to other people as a remedy for depression [29:47]

Ken shares the story of his upbringing, where he had money but not peace [32:19]

Ken shares another story of a man who committed family suicide [36:34]

Ken describes how the pain of his father and grandfather fuel him now [39:13]

Friendship is more protective than money [41:22]

Being in a no-money situation is uncomfortable, but it doesn’t kill you [43:49]

Ken describes cultural differences between Japanese and American attitudes [45:53]

Ken talks about what he would do if he lost all his money [50:08]



“If you start appreciating everything, including money, your life will be filled with money and appreciation.”  [4:35]

“Wealth is an emotion. It doesn’t really matter how much you have or how much you make.” [5:50]

“Most of us are not born with only one gift. We are born with several mediocre gifts…so there are many small gifts, but you have to multiply them. And then you become the one and only!” [22:25]








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