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NASCAR Champion Kurt Busch on How to Keep Pushing Even When You Feel Like Quitting

NASCAR Champion Kurt Busch knows a thing or two about winning. The longest-tenured active driver in the Cup Series has not only won, but won consistently in just about every kind of race. On this Episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Kurt Busch breaks down exactly what constitutes a champion’s mindset. He explains the importance of preparation, describes how to build the courage necessary to take insane risks, and talks about how important honesty and clarity are. He also discusses the need to be incredibly competitive, and shares his story of how he learned to harness his own aggressiveness, drive and desire.

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What does it take to win consistently? [2:33]

What does pushing hard really look like? [3:38]

Tom and Kurt discuss how important an obsessive desire to succeed is [4:28]

Kurt credits his parent’s blue-collar upbringing for his mindset [7:21]

Courage, inclination, intuition and luck are the ingredients to becoming a great driver [9:15]

Kurt talks about how preparation leads to courage [11:50]

You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with [14:57]

Kurt says that he still loves racing, and that’s why he keeps doing it [15:56]

Kurt wears his emotions on his sleeve, and it led to a rocky relationship with the media [18:15]

Kurt tells the story of how he turned an independent team to a contender [22:19]

Honesty, taking responsibility and clarity are key for leadership [24:24]

Kurt and Tom discuss the need for competitiveness and aggression [26:32]

Kurt explains how he deals with losses and failure [31:31]

What’s the next phase for Kurt’s life? [33:02]

Kurt shares the impact he wants to have on the world [35:35]

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“You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.” [15:53]


“Each day is an opportunity to win something.” [3:04]


“I can tell you more vividly and in detail about the losses than some of the wins.” [31:39]




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