Lauren Zander

Crush The Chicken Voice In Your Head & Get Real

This week’s guest on Impact Theory is Lauren Handel Zander: a life coach, and the Co-Founder and Chairwoman of Handel Group, an international corporate consulting and life coaching company.

She is also the author of Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap. Face Your Fears. Love Your Life

In this episode, she talks about why promises are so important, what most people struggle with in life, and how to get your dream life.

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How Lauren Zander got over what people think and went to burning man [2:15]

How to be true to yourself and trail your inner dialogue to detangle your higher and lower self [3:24]

How to differentiate your high and lower self and rate your current life against your dream life [4:27]

Do you have fun being you? People are hiding and lying when they answer that question (and more). [6:24]

How to develop self-awareness by checking your 3 votes [8:38]

Have dreams and have consequences – so that you make sure you keep your promises to yourself. Live in the promise land and become proud of yourself [9:50]

The difference between reality and fantasy – why you need to be crystal clear. [11:54]

Why integrity is a verb and not a noun. It changes minute to minute. [13:03]

How to teach people to have difficult conversations and make the right promises [15:31]

Why you should not accept an accidental life. [16:37]

The biggest hurdle couples face [18:36]

Most people are embarrassed because they care about things they don’t want to care about. [23:44]

Why she’s okay with divorce [26:41]

Why people repeat their parent’s issues in really weird ways. [27:40]

How lessons repeat until you learn them. [31:23]

How do you continue to steer your life? [34:23]

What promises would you make if you could promise anything? [36:26]

Why people can’t tell the truth? [39:17]

What ’s the upside of telling the truth? [41:01]

As long as the truth is safe… we don’t need to agree, we need to “get” each other. [42:06]



“The biggest thing I would like to change on earth is how much we lie.” [38:19]

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