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Lewis Howes REVEALS The One SKILL You Need to be SUCCESSFUL | Impact Theory

Your life story begins as a child no matter who you are. Though our experiences are all uniquely different, pain and frustration from whatever reason usually leaves you scared, angry, and sometimes bitter. When Lewis Howes came face to face with his anger and rage, he got to work on understanding himself, his triggers and how he could improve everyday. After years of practice, he is sharing with you what doing the inner work involves and how feedback has become a critical part of his success. From sharing his 2 secret skills for success to exposing how his healing came along side a few f*ck you letters, this episode is packed with solid advice and exploration of what it takes to find great coaches and be great!


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0:00 | Introduction to Lewis Howes

1:22 | Most Important Skill, Vision

2:45 | Developing Vision

5:48 | What People Are Missing

7:50 | Preparing for Something Greater

9:45 | Perfect Storm for a Break Down

13:27 | Healing from the Shame

14:40 | F*ck You Letters & Darkness

17:28 | Prepared and Facing the Pain

20:44 | Need for Mind, Body, & Emotions

28:07 | Relationship Lessons

32:22 | Delaying Sexual Connection

35:29 | Connection Over Values First?

38:16 | Having Kids & Being Authentic

40:25 | Power of Therapy & Triggers

43:13 | Find Great Coaches & Feedback

44:27 | Practice of Taking Feedback

47:06 | Withstanding Physical Pain

48:02 | Finding Good Coaches

51:17 | Stacking Blind Spots

54:28 | Way of Language Learning

57:02 | Earn Your Respect

59:37 | Defining Greatness



“You’ve never mastered really anything, you can be great at something but there’s always another level in sports to be better.” [3:53]


“We underestimate what people might be going through inside, even if they look like they have it all figured out on the outside.” [12:06]


“If you don’t know how to manage the beast inside, you could really be struggling.” [12:20]


“I only let myself lean into the darkness until I know that now it’s in danger of being corrosive.” Tom Bilyeu [15:05]


“To just know, if someone wanted to do something, I would be able to take care of myself, that gives me inner peace, that eliminates anxiety” [18:16]


“The discipline of doing something painful every day, I think, is one of the most important disciplines that any human being can have. Whatever that pain looks like for you, I believe we must lean into the pain every day.” [18:36]


“It’s not enough to do the work in the past. It’s a continual process in the present. That makes me feel at peace every day.” [24:19]


“Love is not enough for a long term committed, healthy relationship to fully work.” [29:28]


“I’m willing to grow and improve but I’m not going to just do something to create peace.” [39:51]


“The ability to have a beginner’s mind, find and surround myself by great coaches, and be unapologetic in asking for feedback. Feedback has been a huge indicator of my success.” [43:55]


“Just because someone’s giving you feedback doesn’t mean it’s true about you. So, don’t take it personally. And see where is the truth in there, and how can you apply it” [45:16]


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