Lilly Singh

How to Turn Depression Into Millions

YouTube Superwoman Lilly Singh turned making videos to break out of her depression, into a million-dollar entertainment empire. After struggling to find her purpose, she found fulfillment in entertaining and educating as many people as possible sparking the insane work ethic fueling her global success today. The founder of GirlLove and author of How to Be a Bawse explains why doubling down on your passion is the best way to forge your own path on this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.

Lilly Singh on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

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Lilly shares how being lost and unhappy inspired the start of her empire. [3:07]

Lilly on creating her own path instead of following others. [9:13]

Lilly describes the importance of taking ownership and how to deal with the consequences. [13:48]

Lilly dives into how obsession can lead to extraordinary results and how to keep it in check. [18:40]

Lilly and Tom discuss making plans for goals and having self-awareness while executing. [26:35]

Lilly on the importance of learning, understanding and loving yourself. [32:20]

Lilly details the origins and mission of GirlLove. [42:18]

Lilly reveals the impact she wants to have on the world. [46:57]



“I think about all the times I really became a better person or a smarter person it’s because of something that was very hurtful, or painful, or an unpleasant experience.” [5:10]

“I think you shouldn’t just not try because you have to pay your dues.” [8:25]

“I think a big part of finding what’s right for you is stop confining yourself to a path that you’ve been convinced is the path.” [9:30]

“The universe may like the law of attraction, but it likes a good hustle even more.” [21:44]

“There’s no tips and tricks. There’s just a lot of work. It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of focused work. And that’s the biggest message I can drive home is that of course there’s practices and things you can do, but you need to stop making excuses. You need to put your head down. And you need to make a plan. And then you need to execute the plan.” [25:38]

“If you’re not truly in tune with your biggest teammate, which is yourself, there’s no way you can succeed. You need to know yourself really well.” [31:38]

“Impact is not just affecting millions. It’s affecting the one or two people that get impacted with creative solutions.” [45:17]

“If you mix creativity with hustling hard, any job position, anything you want to become is possible. A webinar is an online event that is hosted by someone broadcast to a select group of individuals online. (A webinar is sometimes also referred to as a “webcast”, “online event” or “web seminar”.) You should learn about webinar software reviews here. Show people what your value is. And then they’ll pay you for your value.” [47:23]










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