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6 Tips If You're Tired of Feeling Like a Doormat

By September 30, 2020 Women of Impact

Setting boundaries and stopping others from walking all over you can be an issue most of us kick down the road for a later day. Newsflash, you’re not a doormat and the time is now. You have to recognize the boundaries you need in your life and have to stick to them. On this episode of Lisa Bilyeu’s Tips, Lisa shares 6 must-know tips to help you establish healthy and productive boundaries in your life. She shares how to recognize the boundaries you need to set, how to mentally prepare to have the awkward conversations needed to set them, and how to reinforce them so they are sure to last.


Tip #1 | Recognize what type of boundaries you need to set. [0:20]

Tip #2 | Get uber specific about your boundaries. [2:31]

Tip #3 | Mentally prepare for the conversations needed to set the boundary. [3:44]

Tip #4 | Actually set the boundary. [5:37]

Tip #5 | Deal with your emotion. [7:03]

Tip #6 | Reinforce your boundaries. [7:38]


“If you’re about to set a boundary, don’t feel bad, but know you’re going to have to practice.” [4:22]

“Explain, but don’t justify.” [6:04]

“We need to take care of ourselves before we can help other people.” [7:20]






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