Lisa Bilyeu

How to Take Full Ownership of Your Own Health

By September 5, 2019 Health Theory

On this very personal episode of Heath Theory, Tom Bilyeu interviews the co-founder of Impact Theory (and his wife), Lisa Bilyeu. For years Lisa has suffered from catastrophic dysbiosis, and her battle with illness is actually the inspiration for Health Theory. Now that her health is manageable, she is sharing the most important lessons she has learned. In this episode, she explains why she needed to take total ownership of her health, how she dealt with shame and fear, why she has learned to use controlled experiments, and why it is so important to challenge accepted beliefs on health. 



Lisa and Tom discuss how and when her health issues began [1:37]

Lisa shares her story of how her eating problems developed [3:31]

Lisa explains the emotional distress and shame behind her sickness [6:22]

Lisa talks about the fear of appearing weak that accompanied her chronic illness [9:51]

Lisa explains how she got over the desire to hide her illness [12:46]

Lisa and Tom discuss the first few times they sought help [15:56]

Lisa and Tom talk about how important it was for her to take ownership [23:32]

Lisa explains why taking ownership allowed her to figure out how to heal herself [26:43]

Tom and Lisa talk about how different people have wildly different triggers [33:01]

Lisa discusses what she is going to try to do next [37:17]

Lisa and Tom talk about trying the carnivore diet and other experiments [40:01]

Lisa and Tom talk about never quitting [47:04]








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