Liz Josefsberg

Her Secret Method For Weight Loss Will Blow Your Mind

By February 21, 2019 Health Theory

This week’s guest on Health Theory is Liz Josefsberg.  She is a celebrity health, wellness and weight loss expert and the author of Target 100: The World’s Simplest Weight-Loss Program in 6 Easy Steps.  In this episode she discusses her approach to weight loss, why most people have trouble eating healthy and how technology can help you get healthier.


Check out Target 100:



Why weight loss starts in the mind [01:08]

How to dig deep by starting with food [05:08]

The power of daily habits [08:31]

How to refuse your own excuses [13:07]

How believing in yourself can change your identity [15:49]

Why you need to cheer yourself on [19:31]

How to keep promises to yourself [26:14]

The importance of planning out your meals [28:52]

Why you shouldn’t give up your favorite food [31:33]

How to change the way you talk to yourself [34:09]

What everyone can do to improve their health [36:20]

The things you should and shouldn’t be tracking [41:56]

The scale that helps you overcome the fear of the scale [48:50]






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