Lori Harder

The Secret to Overcoming Your Fears

By December 19, 2018 Women of Impact

Entrepreneur, fitness and mindfulness expert, Lori Harder, discusses her process of facing fear head-on, using failure and criticism to move forward, and embracing vulnerability. She also shares her traumatic experience of kidnapping and abuse as she reveals how she turned her struggles into strengths.

Attacking your fears [1:59] Bringing in the pain of the future [6:20] Fear is the X that marks the spot [8:28] Failing is still progress [10:55] If you can’t conceal it, reveal it [12:36] Transitioning to new tribes and facing the criticism [15:30] Crowding your life with good things [21:00] Communication is freedom [24:06] Picking your battles [25:02] Giving love to feel love [27:55] Lori’s kidnapping and how she processed it [30:14] Learning to face your problems head-on [33:13] Try out being vulnerable [35:10] Figuring out what your mission is [37:07] The power of vulnerability [40:04]

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