Marissa Orr

A Must-Watch Video For Women Who Want To Love Their Careers

By July 10, 2019 Women of Impact

Not everyone in the corporate world wants to play the competitive, zero-sum game that leads to management positions. Marissa Orr, author of “Lean Out”, was a star employee for years at Google and Facebook. Eventually, though, she realized that established company’s cultures do not necessarily respect her strengths or her values. On today’s episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Marissa Orr discusses how to be honest with yourself and the company you work for, and how to “lean out” of other peoples’ stories and into your own.



Marissa explains why she became dissatisfied with the corporate world  [2:03]

Marissa advocates for empathy and criticizes corporate competition  [3:59]

Why women don’t say they are ambivalent about climbing the corporate ladder  [6:00]

“Why am I fighting so hard for something I don’t even want?”  [8:43]

Marissa talks about valuing people for their differences  [11:53]

Marissa explains how being likeable leads to less respect  [14:15]

Marissa describes leaning out of other peoples’ stories  [18:57]

Marissa talks about being honest with yourself and the corporation  [23:39]

Marissa explains how she finally pursued what she really wanted  [25:51]

Marissa describes understanding herself based on personality traits  [31:38]

The best leaders have a balance of respect and trust  [33:58]

Marissa explains the necessity of psychological safety  [36:36]

Know what game you’re playing, and whether you like it  [38:36]

In a big corporation many people are not productive at all  [41:15]

Marissa discuss opening up the conversation about corporate women  [44:13]

Marissa shares her superpower  [45:09]







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