Mark Bell

This Ripped Entrepreneur Explains How to Get Ahead in Anything

By August 8, 2019 Health Theory

Record-holding power-lifter Mark Bell didn’t start out with tremendous confidence or an intimidating physique. Through extraordinary heart and determination, he reached the heights of success in weight-lifting. On this episode of Health Theory, Mark Bell, author of “War on Carbs”, explains how to avoid the most common fitness mistakes, how to build confidence and self-belief, and why he is perfectly comfortable telling everyone to push through more pain than they think they can handle.


Mark Bell talks about what originally drew him to power-lifting [1:14]

Mark and Tom discuss aggression and weight-lifting [2:24]

Mark talks about creating a narrative that pushes him [4:46]

Mark talks about struggling with reading, and deciding to learn every day [6:41]

Mark describes what gave him confidence and how he built self-belief [8:26]

Mark advocates that everyone has some gifts, and explains how to find them [11:43]

Mark says that he started lifting to attract women [14:20]

Mark describes the mistakes you should avoid [15:14]

Mark explains what to do about the fact that unhealthy food tastes good [22:17]

Mark explains how to build will-power [24:13]

Mark shares the mission statement of his company [25:02]

Is heart and determination the real juice? [26:36]

Mark and Tom discuss whether it is irresponsible to tell people to go too hard [30:51]

Mark describes the impact of the death of his brother [33:38]

Mark shares the one change people should make [37:50]









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