Mark Manson

Your Concept Of Who You Are Is F*cking You Up

This week’s guest on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu is Mark Manson. Mark Manson is the New York Times bestselling author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck and the new book, Everything is Fucked: A Book About Hope. In this episode he talks about eating shit sandwiches, the importance of hope and how to peel away the layers of your values & identity.



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Why Mark Manson focuses on values rather than traditional metrics of success [3:01]

What made Mark Manson change his focus from music to writing and why he “mourned” his change in career [8:03]

How to establish a foundation of strong values for yourself (and why it matters) [10:19]

How to decide what your beliefs should be in order to have a better life [14:24]

Why you need to decide on your favorite flavor of “shit sandwich” [17:24]

His description of Newton’s emotional laws and why you shouldn’t always trust your emotions [18:53]

How to build your willpower so that you can do things that are difficult [22:38]

“Our self worth equals the sum of our emotions over time” [28:06]

How to create a new identity and sense of self (how do you find yourself in a moment of crisis?) [31:24]

How to develop resilience and why you have a relationship with yourself just as you have a relationship with someone else & the difference between low and high self-esteem [32:44]

How to peel back the layers that make up your sense of self [36:19]

The truth about identity [40:27]

Why you should always be challenging yourself [42:15]

Why you should surround yourself with people who disagree with you [42:43]

Where you can find out more about Mark Manson [43:29]

The impact Mark Manson wants to have in the world [44:04]



Immanuel Kant [15:07]

Sir Isaac Newton [18:53]



The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope


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