Mastin Kipp

Why It’s Time to Blend Science and Religion

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll was Mastin Kipp’s 21-year-old lifestyle until it got him fired. When he was pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, with an eight ball of cocaine sitting under his driver seat, he promised himself that if he avoided getting caught he would get clean. Not only did he discover sobriety, he found himself becoming one of the most sought after transformation artists on the planet reaching over 2 million people in over 100 countries through his writing, online courses, seminars, and retreats. He’s created a whole new approach to life intervention that he calls Functional Life Coaching, a scientific approach to helping people work through trauma and find their real purpose in life. Learn from the best-selling author whom Oprah called an up and coming thought leader for the next generation of spiritual thinkers in this eye-opening episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.

Mastin Kipp and Tom Bilyeu



  1. “We pursue external goals to hit an internal emotional target.” [7:03]
  2. “Failure only leads to more lessons.” [18:02]
  3. “Negative emotion is a call for awareness, just like pain is.” [30:09]
  4. “Once you pick a meaning, which is always your choice, then you can start to build a great life.” [33:53]
  5. “You are the hero of your own life.” [37:28]
  6. “Most of the time, you’re going to be afraid right before the biggest breakthrough of your life.” [43:37]
  7. “Do the thing you’re most afraid of and then do it until you’re not afraid anymore.” [44:33]



Mastin shares his passion for simplifying complicated principles to help you achieve success. [3:27]

Mastin walks through the importance of understanding your emotional drivers. [6:46]

Mastin gives a practical explanation for a God algorithm and how to apply it to your daily life. [14:27]

Tom and Mastin dive into survival patterns on how they get you into trouble. [19:23]

Mastin gives actionable steps to help you break out of unhealthy emotional patterns. [21:38]

Mastin talks about the connection between functional medicine and functional life coaching. [25:30]

Mastin explains why choice is your superpower and how your interpretation determines your outcome. [30:58]

Tom and Mastin go deep on the hero’s journey, storytelling, and why being terrified is good for you. [35:28]

Mastin talks about creating systems and leveraging motivation to build forward momentum. [39:11]

Mastin dives into different types of fear and why you should use fear as your compass. [42:50]

Mastin tells how to use constant reminders as a way to overcome setbacks. [45:45]

Tom and Mastin discuss the characteristics of mastery and why it is a mindset. [48:37]

Mastin defines the impact that he wants to have on the world. [52:06]




Claim Your Power — [2:27]

Man’s Search For Meaning — [31:02]

The Power of Myth — [35:04]



David Gaffney — [7:23]

Phineas Gage — [10:10]

Jeffrey Bland — [25:51]

Naveen Jain — [27:56]

Viktor Frankl — [30:55]

Tony Robbins — [33:59]

Nelson Mandela — [34:00]

Joseph Campbell — [34:58]

Kurosawa — [35:46]

Caroline Myss — [36:44]

Carl Jung — [36:54]



Functional Life Coaching — [24:49]

Functional medicine — [25:57]

Logo Therapy — [31:00]









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