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Sleep Expert Reveals How You Can Optimize Your Brain with These Simple Hacks | Matthew Walker

By April 22, 2021 Health Theory

More than 50 million Americans suffer with some form of sleep deprivation, and the chances are you may be one. According to World Sleep Day, “Sleep problems constitute a global epidemic that threatens health and quality of life for up to 45% of the world’s population.” The matter of sleep is so critical that in this episode, Neuroscience Professor and sleep expert, Dr. Matthew Walker, exposes the severity of sleep deprivation as so serious that the Guiness Book of World Records no longer allows record setting attempts for sleep deprivation but allows far more extremes. There is a need to highly value sleep and learn tips to improve your sleep health and be more productive in your time awake.                                    


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Sleep Deprivation | Matthew Walker exposes why Guiness Book of World Records banned it [2:58]

Hallucinations | Matthew explains why deprivation of REM causes awakened REM sleep [6:28]

Dreaming | Matthew reveals why we dream and what it does for our conscious life [7:57]

Emotional First Aid | Matthew explains a new layer of sleep relating to PTSD & noradrenaline [12:04]

PTSD | Matthew shares how noradrenaline strips emotions away from memory of PTSD [15:33]

Evolutionary | Matthew on how sleep seems like idiotic behavior but is critical to function  [19:52]

Brainwashing | Matthew breaks down the glymphatic system that cleanses the brain [24:41]

Nightmares | Tips for minimizing effect nightmares that become nonnormative  [27:51]

Recontextualize | How to understand the world we live in through dreams biological basis [30:52]

CBT for Insomnia | Matthew addresses changing behaviors and thought patterns for sleep [32:57]

Sleeping Problems | Reasons for waking in the middle of the night and self-compassion [36:59]

Sleep Inertia | Matthew shares tips for waking up in the morning when it’s not your thing [43:02]

Cold showers | Matthew gives the science behind why cold showers are effective waking you [47:34]



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“…what we’re now learning from the science is that Mother Nature did not make a spectacular blunder in creating this beautiful thing called a full night of sleep.” [20:58]


“Make no mistake about it from a biochemical perspective, wakefulness is low level brain damage, and sleep is sanitary salvation.” [25:40]


“If you wake up, and you can’t get back to sleep, don’t worry. Just realize ‘tonight is not my night. It’s not the end of the world. I’m still going to be able to function somewhat tomorrow.’” [40:58]


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