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Max Lugavere’s mother suffered terribly from both dementia and cancer in her final months, and watching her pain spurred him to try to understand exactly why so many of us suffer from so many kinds of chronic illness. His conclusion is that, essentially, the odds are stacked against the average person trying to live a healthy life. And so now his mission is to help as many people as possible become smarter, healthier and happier. On this episode of Conversations with Tom, Max Lugavere and Tom Bilyeu touch on almost every possible aspect of a good lifestyle. The discussion ranges from the best diet for someone with terminal cancer to the surprising benefits of heat exposure for those who are already active and vital. Along the way they talk about the pros and cons of the carnivore and keto diets, and describe the best ways to detox the body and brain.

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What does it take to have a healthy brain today? [0:26]

It’s scary the extent that the odds are stacked against us [2:10]

The treatment options for dementia and cancer are very limited [4:13]

Max shares the story of his mother’s terminal illness [7:53]

Tom and Max discuss watching someone fade away in extreme suffering [12:26]

Tom talks about someone who had both dementia and type 2 diabetes [16:14]

Max channels a lot of the angst over losing his mother into his work [17:52]

Max discusses why people with cancer should go ahead and eat delicious food [21:24]

Max and Tom discuss physician-assisted suicide [27:30]

What kinds of environmental toxins should people be avoiding? [30:24]

You can’t completely escape toxins, so it’s better to focus on detoxing [36:55]

Max discusses the best vegetables for detoxification [39:40]

What constitutes high cholesterol? [43:42]

Tom talks about how he was just about to go carnivore, but now he has doubts [45:54]

Max explains why he thinks it’s important to include vegetables in the diet [52:10]

Protein should be prioritized in every meal [55:58]

Tom discusses the keto diet and how a high-fat diet helped him [59:23]

Tom talks about how bad his diet was as a kid and college student [1:06:05]

Max explains the best ways to get plenty of healthy fats in your diet [1:08:12]

Tom riffs on how evil polar bears are and how toxic their livers can be [1:12:55]

Max and Tom talk about our body’s internal clocks [1:15:17]

Tom talks about how he’s capable of overeating even when he fasts [1:22:33]

Max and Tom discuss the ideal times and temperatures for sleep [1:25:47]

Tom and Max talk about the benefits of cold exposure [1:30:30]

What are the benefits of heat exposure? [1:35:45]

Tom and Max discuss the possible benefits of contrast therapy [1:42:41]







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