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Want to Feel Better About Yourself? Try this Right Now

By January 1, 2020 Women of Impact

Whole30 founder and NYT best-selling author Melissa Urban specializes in helping people change their relationship with food, which often means helping people change their relationships with their loved ones and with their own past. And she herself went through a pretty difficult transformation, from being addicted to heroin to becoming a nutrition and fitness expert. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Melissa Urban discusses every aspect of healthy eating, from the nuts and bolts of dieting to dealing with emotional urges and setting boundaries in social settings. She also talks about empathy and confidence, self-reflection and grace, and explains why sometimes it’s a good idea to ditch the scale and the mirror.



Melissa talks about recovering from drug addiction [3:32]

Melissa credits God, therapy, and doing things one at a time for her recovery [5:09]

Melissa explains why it’s so dangerous to focus on physical appearance [7:54]

Lisa and Melissa discuss dealing with compliments and criticism [10:09]

Melissa explains how she gained a sense of self-worth [11:40]

Melissa describes the process of becoming empathetic to herself and others [13:01]

Melissa talks about ditching the idea that thinness equates to health [14:40]

You can’t win an emotional argument with logic, and excuses are emotional [17:10]

Melissa discusses why sometimes people don’t want to take back their power [18:44]

Melissa talks about how to tell that you are yo-yo dieting [21:07]

Melissa explains how to tell when you are using food to deal with stress or trauma [22:40]

Melissa describes the process of separating from her husband [25:02]

Melissa discusses how to “bomb-proof” your confidence [29:01]

Melissa advocates honest self-reflection and giving yourself grace [30:59]

Melissa and Lisa talk about belief, religion and God [32:49]

Melissa talks about how to deal with food and social situations [36:19]

Melissa discusses setting boundaries with people who won’t listen to you [39:49]

Melissa talks about food freedom and making clear, shame-free decisions [43:03]

Melissa shares her superpower [45:48]







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