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Get UNCOMFORTABLE And RECLAIM Your Wild, Happy, and Healthy Self | Michael Easter

You are living through exciting and strange times. There are so many technological advances with AI, space travel, NFTs, and a rapidly changing culture with social media, it’s near impossible to just turn ‘off’. Let’s admit it, FOMO is real and it keeps a lot of people connected when they’re not even sure why they’re connected. When was the last time you unplugged and took on a challenge you weren’t sure you’d complete? How long has it been since you’ve sat with yourself in total silence or allowed yourself to just be bored out of your mind? Author and journalist, Michael Easter, joins me today to discuss his journey and share the lessons and insights he’s gained from spending a month in the Arctic surviving. Hunting his own food, carrying heavy loads, and sitting with absolute boredom are just part of his story. As you listen to his story, it is my hope you will consider ways you step out of your comfort zone. There is something very freeing about being able to shake things up and break your routines and habits to improve the quality of your life in unconventional ways. This episode is about facing discomfort and finding new ways to challenge yourself for the better.


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0:00 | Introduction to Michael Easter

1:05 | The Comfort Crisis Explained

3:02 | Journey to the Arctic

5:03 | Recovering from Alcohol

7:40 | Outside the Comfort Zone

8:55 | Helicopter Parenting Losing Challenges

12:16 | Touching Controversial Topics

14:53 | Challenges Surviving the Arctic

20:11 | Problem Creep

28:05 | Need for Rite of Passage

35:12 | Metaphorical Lions for Passage

41:19 | Comfort Creep & Habits

44:22 | Breaking Routine to be Present

47:45 | Discomfort and Boredom

50:00 | Benefits of Boredom

57:12 | Daily Routine

1:02:11 | Rucking & Human Design

1:14:05 | Killing His 1st Caribou

1:17:16 | Life Cycle & Mortality

1:27:16 | “This Too Shall Pass”

1:30:31 | Want to Live Forever?

1:39:12 | Assigning Meaning to Life

1:42:20 | Rites of Passage Transformation

1:46:12 | Problem Creep Comparison

1:50:34 | Finding Gratitude



“By never putting yourself in a position where you are uncomfortable, whether that is physically or mentally or with, what you think to be true? You’re not gonna, you’re not gonna learn anything about yourself.” [7:41]


“As humans face fewer and fewer problems in our lives, we don’t actually experience fewer problems. We just redefine what a problem is.” [22:50]


“If we never put ourselves in the position of true challenge, then we don’t really learn something about ourselves” [40:26]


“The idea of trying to do new things, learn new things that totally shake up a routine. It’s interesting, because now all of a sudden, I can’t predict the future, and I’ve got to learn some new stuff, and this is forcing you into presence and focus,” [45:18]


“When you’re bored, your brain actually goes inward, starts to sort of ruminate it, you sort of have these different thoughts that are more inward focus” [50:21]


“We don’t realize how freaking amazing daily life is. It is unbelievable all this shit that we take for granted in our life every single day. We become unsatisfied with it, we look for the problems.” [1:50:36]


“If you look for the things that are joyful, and good and wonderful, then you’re gonna see that and that frame of reference will color how you approach change.” [1:53:36]


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