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Michael Saylor's MASTERCLASS in Cryptocurrency Investing and the Future of BITCOIN | Conversations with Tom

I’ve been diving into cryptocurrency and I do not want any of you to miss out on the opportunity to learn more about Bitcoin and crypto for yourselves. I am all in when it comes to building businesses and being the entrepreneur that I am, but when it comes to finances, I am definitely out of my comfort zone. It feels like a movement going on around Bitcoin and crypto, and it would feel so wrong to not bring you, someone, I think you should definitely spend time researching, Michael Saylor. The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that is accessible to nearly every single person cannot be disregarded out of ignorance. Michael is an MIT graduate and the CEO of Microstrategy and a self-appointed ambassador for the Bitcoin Movement, whose explanations of what Bitcoin is and why this is so important is one of the best I’ve heard in my own pursuit to better understand cryptocurrency. Listen, research, and do what is best for you, but I urge you to make an informed decision.



Startup | Michael on how MicroStrategy started [1:39]

Risks | What growing $16 million with risks was in comparison to no risks [3:53]

First Principles | First Principles thinking and being intellectually fearless [11:22]

Bitcoin | Michael explains how why bitcoin is 1st engineering in economics [21:50]

Currency Value | Breaking down the shift in wealth with devaluing currency [25:51]

Inflation | Michael debunks inflation myth, unpacking the real problem [28:50]

Hyperinflation | Hyperinflation in bonds, crypto, luxury items [34:26]

Cash Is Trash | Michale explains how cash is losing value, and at what rate [38:24]

Devaluation Rate | Michael on the challenge of beating currency devaluation [43:03]

Currency Conversion | Converting weak currency to stronger assets is best [48:48]

What Is Bitcoin | Michael explains why bitcoin is more valuable and desirable [51:20]

Crypto Volatility | Bitcoin volatility and seeing how big the problem is [1:05:11]

Accessibility | Bitcoin accessibility and solution for rich and poor [1:15:53]

Bitcoin Secure | Michael exposes how Bitcoin is a secure asset [1:20:57]

Sustainable Energy | Bitcoin, sustainable energy and Elon Musk [1:22:49]




“If you look at the design of a chambered Nautilus, what you see is nature’s solution for growth under pressure, and I think that’s how technology companies work.” [8:45]


“Bitcoin is the first point in human history where engineering impinged on economics, […] Bitcoin was the first time when we created a digital monetary asset, a pure digital token on a pure digital network..” [21:56]


“When you yourself can reason from first principles, now you can act at a moment of tremendous uncertainty.” Tom Bilyeu [23:50]


“inflation is varying by time by space and is varying by every item. And if you want to calculate the inflation index, you have to construct a market basket of goods and services and assets that you would want to acquire.” [33:54]


“I have to invest it in a strategy, which is going to appreciate faster than the money is devalued.” [40:07]


“So the discount rate is jumping, which means the value of the cash flows into the future is collapsing.” [48:30]


“Bitcoin is the strongest asset the human race has ever invented, it’s like gold with none of the defects of goal.” [51:22]


“The volatility is the price you pay for the performance that you get, and oftentimes, the best investment idea isn’t the most comfortable investment idea” [1:05:24]


“It really comes down to what is your aspiration, and that determines your hurdle rate. What you want determines your inflation rate and your inflation rate determines your hurdle rate.” [1:08:14]


“It’s very rare that you find it a technology that’s the solution to every rich person’s problem and every poor person’s problem simultaneously.” [1:20:28]


Guest Bio: Mr. Saylor attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on a full Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship. While at MIT, he was a member of the Theta Delta Chi fraternity, and obtained dual degrees in aeronautics and astronautics as well as science, technology and society.


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