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In honor of the 2 MILLION subscribers, a.k.a 2 MILLION Impactivists that recognize human potential is nearly limitless, we are celebrating with the very first episode of Impact Theory with the legendary Michael Strahan. In this episode, Strahan shines like the incredibly humble and authentic person he is and Tom steps on the scene from day one sharing his mission to pull people (at scale) out of the Matrix.


If you’ve wondered about the secret to reinventing yourself, beating your limitations and discovering what true leadership looks like, this episode does not disappoint. Michael breaks down the importance of making everyone you come across feel valuable from the janitor to the CEO, and how he’s reinvented himself figuring out life and understanding there’s level to this shit!


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Perspective | Strahan reframes stress of travel with the reality of life and finds gratitude [2:55]

Not If, When | Strahan on getting after the hard things, lessons from dad and no doubts [4:07]

The Switch | Strahan exposes how he found common ground with Tom Coughlin [9:17]

Leadership | Strahan on how to lead and have everyone to feel valued and do anything [13:54]

Psychology | Strahan explains how he gets everyone on same page for the win [17:42]

Routine | Strahan on his routine to get past self doubt, know the job & execute [23:47]

Unseen | Strahan on bringing joy and respect to every position you interact with [27:21]

Self-Limiting | Breaking out of the Matrix, overcoming self-limitations, and doubt [30:24]

Fear & Failures | Getting ready for what’s next and get better [37:04]

Reinvention | Figuring out life, finding the fear, going all in, master it, on to the next [41:45]

Put the Work In | Strahan on putting in 100% work and taking credit for the win or fail [44:57]



“Well you make decisions, it’s up to you. You know, you make choices in your life. You program your mind to either be happy or not. That’s a choice that you make.” [8:35]


“…you get so much more out of yourself, and so much more out of people, because you’re in an environment you created.” [28:27]


“Life is not going to be perfect and if you excerpt it to be perfect, you’re fooling yourself. A perfect life without a challenge is not a perfect life, it’s a boring life.” [38:09]


“You have to have role models, you have to have people that you look up to that make you push yourself and make you want to be better.” [46:27]


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