Michelle Poler

The Secret to Happiness is Simpler than You Think

Hello fears! Whether it’s spiders, open water or public speaking, everyone has something that frightens them, whether it’s rational or not. Keynote speaker Michelle Poler invented the “100 days without fear” challenge because she believes it’s important for everyone to face even their fears that seem trivial or easily avoidable. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Michelle Poler explains why she visited the concentration camps her grandparents endured, why comfort, not failure, is the enemy of success, and why this year you should make a New Year’s resolution to fail.



Why is it important to face even “trivial” fears like spiders and roller coasters? [2:05]

Michelle explains why she believes she really only has seven core fears [4:35]

Michelle says that her top three fears are pain, loneliness, and lack of control [7:15]

Michelle explains how her relationship pushed her to become brave and independent [10:58]

Michelle shares the story of visiting the concentration camps her grandparents endured [14:46]

Why you should create a New Year’s resolution to fail [16:17]

The enemy of success is not failure. The enemy is comfort. [19:12]

Are the relationships in your life based on “me” or fear, or is the basis love? [20:54]

Why are people so afraid of disappointing others? [23:51]

Trying to check of society’s boxes leads to comfort, not happiness [27:07]

Michelle and Lisa talk about why sometimes you really should listen to your fears [28:24]

Michelle explains why she approaches fears with “x-ray vision” [32:12]

Michelle started her journey because she wants to impact her future kids [33:55]

Michelle describes the six stages of facing your fears [34:50]

Michelle finally felt proud of herself once she finally pursued her own goals [39:00]

Michelle wrote a letter to herself about gratitude and pride [40:43]

Success is never guaranteed, so you are better off loving the journey [42:56]

Michelle describes a surprising superpower [44:17]



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