Michelle Waterson

How to Develop a Stronger Identity

By December 19, 2018 Women of Impact

American mixed martial artist and UFC competitor, Michelle Waterson, sits with Lisa to discuss strengthening your mind-body connection, using failure to motivate your success, and balancing diverse identities as a mother and a warrior.

Michelle’s story and MMA being taboo for women [2:01] Defying family expectations and tradition [3:45] Live the life that you want to live [4:37] Managing vulnerability inside and outside the octagon [5:34] Accept that it happened and move on [6:45] Failing means you’re still climbing [8:57] Don’t start something without finishing it [10:45] Embracing the challenge as your roots [12:34] Exercising your mind [13:33] Balancing identities between mother and fighter [14:25] Practice being in the moment [16:45] Building the mind-body connection [18:41] Respecting your body as a key pillar of your lifestyle [21:25] Leaning on family to motivate her passion [24:00] Separating personal and professional life [28:42] Being a mother is being a natural warrior [32:13] Fighting in order to strengthen your inner voice [34:37] The power of being able to flow [36:17]

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