Mike Mutzel

How This Clinical Nutritionist Changes Lives with Hunger

By July 25, 2019 Health Theory

High Intensity Health’s Mike Mutzel is on the forefront of functional medicine. His top-rated podcasts have helped thousands of people with fitness, nutrition and general health advice. On this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Mike Mutzel delves deeply into questions about fasting, microbiome diversity, the keto diet and the carnivore diet. And on top of all that, he connects the dots between healthy eating and a positive mindset, and shows how to maximize both longevity and feeling good. 

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Mike describes his specific fasting protocols and why he uses them [1:04]

Mike talks about his reaction to finding he had elevated alpha fetoprotein [6:28]

Mike explains how getting arrested for drugs was the best thing that happened to him [10:57]

Mike and Tom discuss how to apply the lessons from physical fitness to mental fitness [13:25]

Mike discusses how different methods of fasting or ketones use promotes mental clarity [15:50]

Mike explains how fasting affects stress responses [18:37]

Mike and Tom discuss the pros and cons of a ketogenic diet [21:40]

Mike shares his goals for his diet, and why he doesn’t always use the same diet [26:38]

Mike looks at the benefits of microbiome diversity relative to genetics and environment [28:33]

Mike talks about the carnivore diet [32:27]

Mike and Tom discuss diet and longevity [38:25]

Tom asks Mike if there’s any cutting edge health theories he is interested in [39:53]

Mike explains cellular switches that guide autophagy [42:18]

Mike advocates eliminating processed food and eating at the same time each day [44:04]

Mike talks about food, relationships, social settings, and sleep [45:50]

Mike describes the limits of fasting [48:17]

What one change can people make to benefit their health? [51:00]



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