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Mikhaila Peterson On Overcoming ANXIETY, How She Runs Her Dad’s Business, and BALANCING Motherhood

It’s easy to quietly go through life never really facing yourself, your struggles and your fears. There is a solution to numb the pain of reality and move towards comfort where it’s easier to accept things as they are no matter where you are. Mikhaila Peterson gracefully embodies the struggle of what it means to face yourself and all of your inadequacies and continue to push and explore through discomfort in pursuit of finding meaning while protecting what it means to be human, be a mother, be sexy and a successful business woman. This conversation introduces you to what it means to have it together and still be on a journey to figuring it out. Whether you’re battling with your health, mental health or just trying to break free from your own limits to see how far you can go, you’ll definitely relate to her authenticity and boldness to be herself.



Accidental | Mikhaila talks about unplanned pregnancy at 23, career, & marriage [2:03]

Anxiety & Chaos| Navigating stress from relationships and reducing chaos [7:17]

Marriage | Mikhaila on the challenges of marriage before building foundation [10:12]

Having Children | Is there a “right” time to have kids or only trade-offs to consider [14:54]

Parenting Balance | How to balance an ambitious career and guilt free mothering [18:15]

Criticism | Mikhaila on identifying where she could be wrong & being even keeled [25:28]

Volatility | Mikhaila on how she’s navigating her triggers and stress response [28:32]

Self-Awareness | How Mikhaila began to notice her symptoms and reactions [33:18]

Sex Appeal | Mikhaila on embracing her sex appeal and growing her business [38:12]

Confidence | Having confidence & the borderline of being overly self conscious [51:12]

Being Hardcore | What it takes to push self-limits and see what you can achieve [56:18]

Having Impact | Mikhaila on getting “greedy” wanting to help many people [1:01:39]

Pushing Limits | Finding balance to push too hard or being more reasonable [1:04:34]

Burnout | Mikhaila on pushing through work you don’t enjoy doing, outsourcing [1:10:18]

Order & Chaos | Mikhaila on the navigating the balance of order and chaos [1:16:55]

Discomfort | How to explore discomfort while building a brand vs. individual [1:19:46]

Healthy Diets | Mikhaila on how she regulates diet chooses for her daughter [1:23:33]

Carnivore Diet | Mikhaila on the benefits of an all beef diet on her body [1:29:00]

FMT Experience | Mikhaila shares her experience with 10 FMT transplants [1:32:43]



“I was just trying to reduce the amount of chaos in my life by making things as ordered and structured as possible.” [9:51]


If you want to do something else, and then you end up staying home with your kids, and then you’re resentful at home, that’s toxic.” [20:51]


“I also don’t really know how to do self improvement and work on things without being a little bit too hard on myself, I think it’s better to be a little bit too hard, or even maybe a lot too hard, then to end up going too easy on yourself, and then not accomplishing anything.” [55:53]


“the truth of the world is that it will be run by the most hardcore motherfuckers on the planet, it just is what it is.” Tom Bilyeu  [56:52]


“I’m really intrigued to see what can happen if I take advantage of all the opportunities I’m given and try my hardest at something. Like how far can I go just as me and I’m really curious to see how far I can go” [59:45]


“having my dad as a dad, he’s like, don’t go after happiness, go after meaning, but then you can air into the side of do hard work forever, and then die” [1:12:03]


“If you live your life too much in order, then you’re not going to have any new opportunity, because that’s all foreign territory.” [1:17:26]


Guest Bio: Mikhaila Peterson is a Canadian podcaster, CEO, and lifestyle and diet blogger. Her podcast, ‘The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast’ provides a platform where she hosts a wide range of experts to discuss health, cultural phenomena, politics, and other topics that are often shied away from.


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