Miki Agrawal

Why You Need to Overcome Society’s Taboos

By December 19, 2018 Women of Impact

In this episode of Women of Impact, entrepreneur Miki Agrawal sits with Lisa to share her powerful insights on disrupting society. This SHE-EO lays out what it takes to challenge societal taboos, block negativity, and own your authentic self.

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Miki’s career on challenging taboos [2:19] Reframing what society considers “shameful” [4:57] How we are marketed by societal standards [7:22] Becoming the “warrior gatekeeper” of your mind [11:21] Differentiating negativity by what actually serves you [15:53] Switching from festering to gratitude [17:51] Conflicts as stories we create in our heads [19:49] How to deal with fear [22:30] Showing up and bringing your all [24:36] Loving yourself first in order to love others [28:05] Find great examples to inspire you [31:37] Discovering your safe space in the face of judgment [32:53] Forcing yourself to feel better [35:10] The power of seeing trends before they rise [37:03] Did you know?: There are so many funny and useful ways to use magic ball instead of an ordinary fortune telling. You can apply free online magic 8 ball to make endless number of requests in a drinking game with friends. Drink every time the ball caught you on a lie. Don’t want to wash the dishes or walk the dog? Ask the ball whose turn to do chores in your family. There is no bounds for fantasy and possibilities to bring a little levity to life. Let a mere chance that can change a lot.

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