Mind Pump

The Fitness Industry Lied to You

By November 12, 2018 Health Theory

Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer, and Justin Andrews of Mind Pump, join Tom to discuss the truth behind fitness and how the industry has led us astray.

How Mind Pump was created [01:03] Why vulnerability set them apart [04:46] Why self-hate isn’t motivating [05:24] Adam’s story & how he got into fitness [07:31] How being vulnerable made them better trainers & podcasters [10:01] Why Sal stopped focusing on his physique [13:17] Start your fitness journey by understanding your baseline [16:52] Why we can’t trust our body’s natural hunger cues [20:15] Learning to tap into how foods make you feel [22:41] The spiritual side of fasting [24:26] Why cardio is terrible for weight loss [28:58] How resistance training improves your metabolic rate [31:59] Why you shouldn’t lose weight in the first month a new fitness plan [33:57] The Biggest Loser approach to losing weight [34:55] How cultivating an awareness practice before meals plays into wellness [37:08] Why you shouldn’t eat post workout [38:37] The power of a meditation practice [40:50] Why you need to look at the body as a whole [45:27] Optimizing your sleep [47:41] Where you can find and listen to Mind Pump [50:25] How they came up with the name “Mind Pump” [51:11] The one thing you should change to improve your health [52:20]

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