Naveen Jain

Why Curiosity Will Save the World

Naveen Jain’s laser focus on solving big problems has made him one of the most important voices in entrepreneurship today. He was named Ernst and Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year,” Silicon India’s “Most Admired Serial Entrepreneur,” and continues to pioneer unprecedented achievements in multiple industries. Naveen came to America with only five dollars in his pocket and used his energy, enthusiasm, and undying optimism to turn it into billions. His radical belief of transforming philanthropic ideals into self-sustaining economic vehicles is astounding. His company Viome aims to one day make illness a choice. Take a moment to get to know the entrepreneur and philanthropist who emphasizes the importance of solving actual problems in this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.

“The day we stop being intellectually curious is the day we die.”
– Naveen Jain



Naveen clarifies why doing good and doing well are not mutually exclusive. [2:53]

Naveen explains why philanthropy is not about just giving money. [6:27]

Naveen tells why entrepreneurs will be more powerful than nation states. [12:39]

Tom and Naveen discuss how to solve the real problem and not the symptom. [16:11]

Naveen breaks down his approach on how to learn and understand anything new. [21:48]

Naveen talks about pioneering breakthroughs with his new venture Viome. [26:00]

Naveen reveals the most important trait of entrepreneurs. [30:52]

Tom and Naveen dive into the disconnect between instant gratification and happiness. [34:01]

Naveen shares how to celebrate entrepreneurs and why entrepreneurs never fail. [38:11]

Naveen uncovers how to translate audacious ideas into actionable outcomes. [40:52]

Naveen expounds on the importance of education and how to find your passion. [43:48]

Naveen describes the impact that he wants to have on the world. [46:57]



Elon Musk – [12:58]

Jeff Bezos – [12:59]

Richard Branson – [12:59]



Viome – [13:17]

Los Alamos National Lab – [22:57]

Singularity University – [23:45]










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