Nick Santonastasso

No Matter How Broken You Are, He Explains How to Get Whole

Nick Santonastasso was born with no legs and one arm. And he absolutely refuses to make excuses. He became a varsity wrestler, a social media sensation, and wrote the book that perfectly describes his mindset, “Victim to Victor.” On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Nick Santonastasso describes how his mindset is his superpower, how he deals with failure, and how he balances ego and confidence.

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Nick talks about how his parents raised him [2:52]

Nick describes his process for figuring out his body and fitness [4:22]

Nick talks about being in full victim-mode in middle and high school [7:24]

Nick explains how his mindset became his superpower [14:20]

Nick explains how failure and getting beat up helped him out [15:30]

Nick talks about how the lessons he learned in wrestling applied to life [20:27]

Nick describes why the biggest disability is a bad mindset [24:22] 

Nick describes how his value system has changed [26:46]

Nick explains how he balances ego and confidence [29:37]

What is the path to confidence? [32:05]

Nick describes what he does when he doesn’t follow through on his commitments [35:24]

Nick shares his experience with prosthetics [36:38]

Nick shares the impact he wants to have on the world [41:00]



“As long as I try my best, as long as I attempt it, that’s not really failing.” [14:55]

“If I was gonna lose, I was gonna lose like a champion.” [16:29]

“People can see me on the street and be like, ‘Wow, look how disable that guy is.’ And I’m like, pfft. Have you seen your mindset? Have you seen the way you operate? Have you seen the way you react to situations, that you’re pissed off in traffic? You think the world happens TO you. I’m not disabled. You’re handicapped.” [26:03]







“Victim to Victor” [2:42]


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