Noah Kagan

How to Stay Calm and Confident During the Worst Pandemic of Modern Times

It’s hard to believe that there is any sort of a bright side to the coronavirus pandemic. But if any two people can find that silver lining, it’s Tom Bilyeu and Noah Kagan. And on this episode of Conversations with Tom, they both explain how they have found positivity, confidence and even joy during some of the toughest times many of us will ever live through. They describe their processes for making every day a great day, the one simple tactic every budding entrepreneur needs to master, the conditions under which people should be willing to work for free, and how they have both learned to thrive in chaos.

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Tom talks about what he misses about doing shows in person [0:43]

Noah says the quarantine actually brought him out of his cave [2:34]

You will absolutely get more of what you focus on [5:16]

Noah has been experimenting with how to reduce fear and gain control [8:14]

How to use a mood board to get your day moving in the right direction [12:20]

What makes a great day? How do you build confidence? [18:33]

Why not make more days an awesome day? [22:45]

Why does Tom have any non-fun work? [25:08]

What do you do if your superpower is not discipline? Why is taking action so important? [27:25]

It’s really easy to get what you want when you know what you want [32:40]

What would Tom have done differently with the young man he mentored? [41:22]

Why it’s so important to ask, and to be persistent [45:45]

Noah talks about how he follows his curiosity and explores [49:43]

Build your business or career on what you already care about or enjoy [54:20]

Don’t ask people what they need help with. Figure it out and present it to them. [59:23]

Noah explains why it’s so important to limit yourself and set small goals [1:05:40]

Businesses evolve, so get going, and don’t act like some work is beneath you [1:13:32]

Noah tells the story of a guy who wanted to sell a toothbrush [1:17:37]

Tom and Noah talk about not judging themselves or even their mental states [1:20:17]

Tom and Noah talk about facing their fears and why Noah has a gun under his bed [1:30:01]

Noah tries to convince Tom to purchase a gun [1:39:17]

Tom and Noah discuss jiu jitsu and boxing [1:45:11]

What are some great ways to recharge? [1:48:04]

Tom and Noah both thrive in chaos [1:52:45]

Tom and Noah tell some jokes [1:56:20]







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