Patrick Bet-David

Why You’ll Never Be Able to Silence Your Haters

It makes sense Entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David admires Arnold Schwarzenegger the way he does. Both embody the story of immigrants with the odds stacked against them that used adversity, self-evaluation, and a body-builder mentality to re-write their own narrative. The author of 25 Laws to Doing the Impossible shares how he shaped his mindset to achieve the impossible on this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.


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Patrick details what attracted him to bodybuilding and what he learned from it. [3:13]
Patrick shares what Arnold Schwarzenegger represents to him. [4:38]
Patrick analyzes the role DNA and experiences play in our potential. [9:18]
Patrick speaks on the power of clarity. [15:00]
Patrick and Tom discuss the process of shaping your identity. [17:30]
Patrick dives into living with intention and urgency. [22:08]
Patrick explains the power of not caring what other people think. [28:31]
Patrick explores the idea of family traditions. [34:29]
Patrick details his belief of aligning lifestyle with belief. [37:50]
Patrick reveals the impact he wants to have on the world. [38:57]
“I also believe firmly that events, conversations, certain individuals can completely say
something that can change your life forever.” [14:40]
“One of the scariest things about life is a question. The scary question can shake a soul up
’cause no one’s asked that question from you. So for me, the transition for somebody who’d
want to change it and get clarity is actually asking questions.” [15:38]
“If you don’t ask the questions of what you want to do next, the world is gonna put you in the
box of what you have to do next because they’re determining who you need to be. And you are
rising up to their expectations ’cause you’re not asking the questions yourself.” [15:50]
“Clarity to me is stemmed from you being able to sit down and ask those tough questions that
piss you off, that irritate you, that make you emotional, that you cry over, that you reflect, that
makes you want to do research, that makes you follow up, that makes you sit down and say, “I
don’t really know. I’ve never thought about this before.” And that goes deeper, and deeper, and
deeper.” [16:08]
“Clarity gives confidence.” [16:55]
“Identity is you asking the questions until eventually you get to a point that you get to the deeper
part of who do you want to be? What life do you want to live? And why do you want to live this
life? Why is it important to you? Why is it worth you putting through all these hours? Why would
you want to do that?” [22:20]
“I think declaring the intention serves a purpose. I think when you go out there and you say,
“This is what I’m gonna be doing, this is where I’m gonna be at,” you officially have the world
holding you accountable.” [23:10]
“Haters highlight your weaknesses.” [29:48]
“The more you tell the world how to manage expectations dealing with you and what to
anticipate, you actually minimize a lot of the noise.” [33:33]
“The solution for you to become free is you gotta question every single thing” [36:50]


The 25 Laws to Doing the Impossible – [2:44]
Meditations – [35:56]
Principles – [35:58]
The Life of an Entrepreneur – [2:06]
Valuetainment – [2:17]


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