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This Doctor Knows How to Find the Root Cause of Your Medical Problems

By August 22, 2019 Health Theory

Paul Saladino is the opposite of the stereotypical doctor promoting the carnivore diet. He sees the diet in physical, mental and even spiritual terms. On this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Paul Saladino goes into nitty-gritty detail on the various levels and types of the carnivore diet. So he starts with the simple steak and eggs diet and ends with hunting, butchering and eating the entire animal. He also describes the philosophy and science behind the diet, and ends up taking Tom on a fascinating intellectual journey where they discuss getting in touch with their animal nature, spirituality, and becoming a better person.



Paul explains why he spent so much time exploring, and is so curious [1:38]

Paul describes his interest in Buddhism and Eastern philosophy [3:02]

Paul and Tom discuss the sense of awe, and how that drove exploration [5:16]

Paul shares why he returned to the medicine and what disappointed him about it [7:18]

Paul explains why nutrition is so important in preventive medicine [9:11]

Tom and Paul attempt to understand the “calories in calories out” viewpoint [10:43]

Paul describes anti-nutrients, micro-nutrients and why they matter [13:45]

Paul breaks down the carnivore diet [18:33]

Paul and Tom discuss how auto-immune diseases may be caused by gut issues [20:58]

Paul explains why he thinks we are evolutionarily carnivores [23:40]

Paul advocates that eating meat made our earliest ancestors human [26:00]

Paul describes the nitty-gritty of how to put the carnivore diet into practice [32:06]

Paul explains the basic carnivore diet of meat, eggs and liver [40:40]

Paul describes the second level of the carnivore diet, which organs to add next [42:16]

Paul and Tom discuss why they wished a vegan diet worked [42:54]

Paul and Tom discuss getting in touch with their own animal nature [45:03]

Paul shares the most important change people need to make [49:40]








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