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Are you struggling to make change and progress in your life? Do your habits remain stagnant and always seem to hold you back from moving forward towards your goals? Its time for you to reclaim control of your life and realize that you are but just one radical change away from building the life you want for yourself. On this episode of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu sits down to answer your questions and provide deeper insight into the habits, principles, and lessons you need to radically transform your life into becoming exactly as you envision it to be. Tom discusses the importance of building rules into your life, why doing hard things is important, how to set and accomplish goals, how to build motivation and drive, the importance of staying energetic, why you need to want it, and more.


Build Rules | Tom reveals the best way to build personal rules and discipline in your life. [0:16]

Hard Things | Tom reveals the power of accomplishing hard things such as cold showers. [5:24]

Goals | Tom reveals how to find your whythat helps you stay motivated and inspired. [10:38]

Identity | Tom reveals the three steps to overcoming obstacles and accomplishing goals. [15:10]

Energy | Tom reveals the key habits you need to accomplish your goals with energy. [21:04]

Want It | Tom reveals how to break your current behaviors and start loving discomfort. [26:40]

Life | Tom reveals the key principles you need to adopt to achieve the results you desire. [36:13]


Fatigue makes cowards of us all.[20:40]

To have unusual success, your job is to leave people in awe.[29:05]

“…You are but one habit, one killer routine away from having the exact life that you want. Your life is a reflection of the choices that you make.[36:15]


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