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This Transformational Coach Shows You How to Take Charge of Your Own Narrative

Given that when we look around the world right now we see nothing but stress, anxiety and panic, it might be good for all of us to take some time building our confidence. Fortunately, cancer thriver, best-selling author and Chief Confidence Creator Rachel Luna is perfectly positioned to help us. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Rachel Luna represents thriving instead of surviving, being a champion instead of just barely making it. She explains how she stays in control of her own story, shares how she remains deeply rooted, and engages Lisa in a fascinating discussion of each of their deepest values.


Don’t focus on not making mistakes. Instead, be aware of your stories and thoughts. [3:36]

If you are uncertain, check in with your body and see how you feel. [5:39]

We have to stop just looking for survival, and try to thrive. [7:17]

It’s not easy to adopt a powerful, thriving perspective, but it’s worth it [10:17]

Why you should build your identity on your core beliefs, and not on your roles [11:10]

Lisa and Rachel discuss their core beliefs [14:02]

When your identity is deeply rooted, it’s easier to collaborate with different people [15:51]

Rachel advocates doing an audit of your week, and seeing where you spend your time [16:36]

Who do you want to be? And how would that person handle the situation you’re in? [18:52]

Rachel explains why she writes her story the way she wants it to happen [19:43]

Rachel shares her story of battling breast cancer [21:29]

At first, Rachel was not available for people who wanted to tell her “I’m sorry.” [25:34]

Life is not always perfectly laid out like on social media [26:43]

How do you give yourself grace when you make mistakes? [28:04]

Rachel talks about how to let go of sorrow and embrace self-love [29:56]

Rachel reviews the process for learning to truly love yourself and live out your values [33:16]

Rachel shares her superpower [35:35]



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